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Systems Adminstrator's Blogs Are Boring.

This one, I'm sure, is no exception. Posts are often written at the end of a long working day; I'm frequently confused, drunk and alone.

Or am I?


Thu, 02 Oct 2014

It's Not Fair!

Owen wants his drives back. They've been sat there for fuck knows how many years and suddenly he wants to use them. Arsehole. Just 'cos he's mentioned in Wikipedia and I'm not he thinks he's right.

I was planning to have another go at getting the mirroring working before I disconnected them. I had a peek at the layout on the drive which wouldn't work, and found a partition which had been hidden. It's a concatenated disk layout, mirroring done the old way. I force-mounted the single plex, fsck'ed it, and had poke around.

Like I said, it's not fair. And yes, I am drunk.