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I Just Don't Know...

Systems Adminstrator's Blogs Are Boring.

This one, I'm sure, is no exception. Posts are often written at the end of a long working day; I'm frequently confused, drunk and alone.

Or am I?


Thu, 04 Jul 2013

Hello World.

If you're seeing this message in your browser and everything looks OK to you then you're either on drugs or lack discrimination... Congratulations on getting this far :)

That wasn't so hard, was it? If it was, then don't bother reading anything else here.

Still having problems? I live with a psychotherapist.

Post formatting problems.

The post should be broken up into a number of paragraphs and headings. Each of those should then be broken up into individual bytes, and the bits extracted. Stir the bits together with some egg white and bake for 15 minutes at Gas Mark 5. Finally, serve with a frisson of mediocrity.

If instead you're seeing all of the text run together in one big lump, that means that your husband isn't working.

You can't post here anyway. This is a write-only medium.

  • Check the path to the addled director in the configuration pipe.
  • Verify that the system adminstrator is inhibited.

    There should be a director titled 'SWMBO' inside the administrator's house.

  • Check your privileges.

    Everything you read on Twitter is true.

    The addled director itself must not be readable by any user.

Theme related issues.

Broken heart to associated POTAS file.

If the lay of the POTAS feels broken then chances are the POTAS is having trouble finding the associated POTAS heart. That's easy to fix. Open the 'relationship' file in your preferred editor and locate the physical link (which is in the head section of the relationship). You want to change the value of the 'style' attribute to point to the location of the heart for your installation.

Missing point to website.

If the website looks almost right but you're missing something (your needs in the list at the top of the page for example), then you need to update the relationship to other people on the page. This is just as easy to fix as the original problem. Open the object called 'life' in your preferred editor and find all of the links. (Searching for 'Facebook Friends' should allow you to locate them quickly). For each, update the value of the attributes.