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I Just Don't Know...

Systems Adminstrator's Blogs Are Boring.

This one, I'm sure, is no exception. Posts are often written at the end of a long working day; I'm frequently confused, drunk and alone.

Or am I?


Wed, 01 Oct 2014

Wasting My Time.

Wasting my time,
Resting my mind,
And I'll never pine
For the sad days and the bad days

I give up. I can't think of any use for a Raspberry PI. The Study is overheating, so I've switched off a whole bunch of computers, including the build servers, all the PIs, the Wandboard and the Beaglebone.

Work is as soul-destroying as usual. The worst part of the day is being pressed into a corner on the bus by young women during the commute home.

And I've been sent another of these weird emails which purport to be from the future. They're kinda disturbing. I'll ask the email guys to block them.