This is XenoPsyche Inc. These are our Associates.


Ian Pallfreeman, Systems Administrator, Party Chef, Ex-FBDJ.ip's pic

Lorrette Crozier, Psychomemetic Amplification Authority, US Contracts.lorrette's pic

Nathan Grey, MoD & MI8 Contracts, DGR & YG Liaison. nathan's pic


Mortimer Hebblethwaite, Network Administrator, Self-Evolving Bot Creator, Lush. mortimer's pic

Marcus Rawlinson OBE, Major Institute Donator, Author Of Seminal Paper "We Don't Need This Shit". marcus's pic

Daphne Elderton, Mostly-Devoted Consort To Hebblethwaite, Original Inventor Of Psychotitration.daphne's pic

Anna van Lohner, Deviant Artist, Visual Memetics Expert, European Contracts.anna's pic

Jon Pearson, Network Devops & Analysis, Stealth Technology, International Support. jon's pic